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Thousands of people are using Ultraperform products daily with great results. Tell us what you like about WOW!, Xcellerator and our other products. Please leave a comment below. Thank you.

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  1. I have been taking Xcellerator for 5 months now. I love the energy that it gives to me every day. I work weird shifts for my job and have to be up by 3:30 in the mornings. Before taking Xcellerator I would have to come home and take a nap because I was so tired. Since starting this I have energy all day long and don’t take naps anymore. I also have lost 25% body fat and 23 lbs in the 5 months! I love this product and tell everyone about it and would recommend it! I feel great and will continue to take Xcellerator.

  2. When I complement my sex life with a little “WOW”… I find myself disturbing the neighbors by yelling “WOW”… it’s fantastic long and intense but my girlfriend does not want me to do a testimonial…so use just my first name please.

  3. I am a customer of Xcellerator and have been for several months. This product is amazing, I have energy like never before, and not the jittery icky feeling most products will give you, this is different you feel happy, energetic, like you can take on your day and complete all your tasks. When I don’t have my product, I truly miss it, I have low energy and I feel like my day just drags. I also would like to mention, it truly decreases my appetite, I go to the gym, hiking, etc.; my point being my girlfriend and I, started taking this product several months ago, between us have lost over 110lbs. I would like to thank UltraFuels for a fantastic product…keep up the good work.

    Nicole Herma – CPC, CPC-H, Coding and Nursing Manager

  4. WOW is the real deal. I’m a 58-year-old man and in this particular department, it’s like I’m 19 again. Or maybe 35 (hey, I’ll take either!) I can hardly believe my good fortune, and my partner’s smiling too.

  5. As a woman in a very fulfilling relationship, I never suspected ever desiring any such enhancement. But upon being randomly given a sample of WOW!, my curiosity was too much. And wow!, it took my already fulfilling experience to an enhanced state. My sexual experience became even more…

  6. Xcellerator has expanded what’s possible for getting things done in a day. I find myself with all the extra energy I need for those playful evenings, long days and extended weekends. I feel empowered when I use it and it has only benefited me. I have used this product for several months now and it has enhanced many events. I would easily recommend this product to any healthy individual who seeks that extra boost of energy. – Dr. Robert A. Pope, Chiropractor.

  7. Wow! I tried your Wow and WOW! I didn’t think it was working but I noticed being very eager to get closer and closer to people. It defiantly worked.

  8. Sorry about the delay, hope all is well? It took my cousin a while to get back to me. He said that he could not tell at first when it took effect but then after a while he said that it felt like he could think about things and get an arousal. So he said that he would order more from your Website. I would say that it works.

  9. I have used a lot of different diet/energy pills, and all they seemed to do was make me jittery, and more importantly, they made me anxious which was terrible. Adam’s pills worked great to curb my appetite and give me that little extra boost to help me stay focused and on task.

  10. WOW – You couldn’t have named it better! I took this product the other day and my sexual encounter that night was “out of this world”. I have used this on several occasions now and my wife is ecstatic, happy, and missing more sleep than she would admit to. The stamina I experienced not only extended my pleasure but gave me plenty of time to make sure my wife was “well pleased”. Thank you for enhancing my love life.

  11. Let me start by thanking you for introducing me to Xcellerator. I’ve tried a lot of different dietary pills and since they took Ephedrine off the market I haven’t been able to find anything that worked till you brought Ultra Fuel to me. I can’t stop telling people about it, it’s the only thing that I’ve found that can curve my appetite and give me energy at the same time. Adam I weigh 260 lb and I’m taking two in the morning and two at noon and its working great for me. Again thank you.

  12. When i take Xcellerator, I don’t need coffee. It also helps me stay on my diet, its help me take off my vacation weight.

  13. I tried Xcellerator to help to get more energy, and now I am losing weight. I have tried other products but didn’t lose weight from them. Some products did not only not give me energy but also caused you to gain more weight. Xcellerator for works for me.

  14. Hi, I finally tried out the your Xcellerator today. I had forgotten about it until today. And I haven’t had any coffee today, either… And it’s pleasantly good. I was surprised- I thought it would make me a little jittery, like the stuff I used to take years ago when I was road-tripping. But, no. Then I had lunch and was full after just 1/2 my usual portion. I forgot I took it and wondered why I wasn’t hungry anymore. Just thought I’d give you a little thumbs up!

  15. Xcellerator is great! and it makes me feel great! I definitely recommend it to others as a daily supplement.

  16. I actually think I can be a pitch man for “WOW”. I have tried Viagra, Cialis and several other over the counter sexual stimulants. Trust me this product works and continues to work days after you stop taking it. I thought something was wrong with me because I always wanted to have sex and was always ready days later. I don’t have erectile dysfunction, but I just wanted to add extra pleasure for my partner. I can’t help but hold back the laughter sometimes when we get done and she says….you guessed it “WOW”.

  17. Wow has been sooo good for me. I take it daily and I cant believe the results. I actually have to cut down a bit because it gets me sooo excited.

  18. Last night my friend and I went out for dinner, we usually go out together if possible once a week, while she dined asked me, now tell me why you’re so happy, animated and energized; Tell me what is happening? I said as usual at home, but something changed but as a single parent concerns are the same, especially my mood has changed. Yesterday change the color of my hair. Incredible that I did it! I like other changes, but not much about me lately. But I feel so good I hope my partner can enjoy the change as well.

  19. I wanted to make you aware of a side effect i have found with your wow for men product. I was woring in one of the lounges at sundance that was giving away your product. I took it while working at sundance and for a bout a month after. Almost immediately I noticed a subtle change in my body. It was easier to lean over to tie my shoes. I was able to tighten my belt a notch. I didn’t put this all together till much later. I hadn’t been on a scale in a month. When i got on the scale it said 239. My jaw hit the floor. one month earlier i weighed 265. I freaked out and called my doctor. they did blood work and told me everything looked great and what ever i was doing to continue doing it. I had run out of pills and forgot about about taking them over the summer. My weight crept back up. Over thanksgiving i found some pills in my desk and started taking them again. weight starts falling off again. Finally it hit me as to what was causing the abrupt weight loss. Not only is you pill making me a master of the bedroom once again, but it is also causing weight loss at least for me. Thanks for an amazing product.

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