Taking a Look at Your Best Sex Life

By July 12th, 2009

Oprah Winfrey spent a whole week talking about “living your best life.”  On her Friday television show she spent the time talking about sex and intimacy with Dr. Laura Berman who said that there are five important steps to improving your love life. In the first step she talked about how the percent of women who regularly fake orgasms during sex equals more than 70 percent! Wow!  If those calculations are correct, the American woman’s lack of sexual fulfillment is at crisis levels.  With a woman feeling sexually unfulfilled it is difficult for a relationship to really thrive and meet it’s full potential.  Helping a woman to reach sexual fulfillment is a multifaceted journey.  Making the journey easier includes tackling issues that may keep many women from fully enjoying sexual intimacy with their partners. Some of these issues include; no interest or desire, feeling lack of intimacy with her partner, and daily stressors.

Tackling Low Interest, Desire, or Pleasure

Although tackling what is holding you back personally may take some self-discovery, there are many things that you can do to help discover what gets you excited.  In Dr. Laura Berman’s step 3 she gives a few suggestions:  Start a sex journal, take a pole dancing class or other activities that make you feel sexy, try a new position, try a new sex toy.  We have been exploring the effect that good, quality dark chocolate can have on your sex drive.  Wow! Chocolate not only utilizes the aphrodisiac effects of chocolate, but also compounds the result using a special herbal blend that many women report has helped them reach higher levels of pleasure and orgasm.  So, don’t let your man have all the fun?!  Try something that gets you excited, that makes you feel vibrant and sexy, and you are both bound to have a good time.

Tackling Lack of Intimacy with Your Partner

Women relate to sex differently than men do.  Men tend to use sex as a way to create intimacy within a relationship.  Women, on the other hand, want to feel the emotional intimacy with her partner that then leads to sex.  In other words, we want to feel close to someone, we want to feel cared for by them, before we desire sexual intimacy.  If you are not feeling emotional intimacy with your partner, take time to build some.  Dr. Laura Berman’s step 2 suggests taking time to sit down and map out the way you would like your partner to touch you, and for them to do the same.  You could also take it a step further and really target what little things you love your partner to say to you or do for you that really makes you feel close to them.

Revive Your Love Life!

Dr. Laura Berman talks about how the daily stress of family, work, bills, and other pressing issues can push the thought of a sex life off the radar of what is important.  She suggests making it a priority by scheduling a weekly date night and by making sure your bedroom is a haven just for the two of you to share together.  Making sexual intimacy a priority could be “the key to reviving your intimacy,” she says. Whether you do a date night or just make a conscious effort to revive passion in your relationship, find what works for you because when your fire is lit and burning…let’s just say the mood is often contagious. For more info on Wow! Chocolate:
For more info on Dr. Laura Berman: www.bermancenter.com

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