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7 Secrets to More Energy and Total Health

Posted by Ultraperform May 1st, 2009

by Kathleen O’Bannon, CNC The simplest things can lead to more energy and better health. These are nothing new and you have probably heard them before, but here they are in a concise and detailed form.

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My Xcellerator and Healthy Living Experiences (part 3)

Posted by Adam Tageldin January 2nd, 2009

We went to see the Curious Case of Benjamin Button it was a late show and we got out late last night. So we slept in today as to we are on break till Monday. This morning I plan on eating a bowl of Mulit-Grain Cherrios with a cut up Banana, with my Slik Soy […]

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My Xcellerator and Healthy Living Experiences (part 2)

Posted by Adam Tageldin December 21st, 2008

Ah !!! Here I am to again. I started working out again this day. Today is January 2 I have workout about 3 times since the 21st and I have been working out hard! Even though I have started and stop several times. I have recommitted and plan on moving forward to achieve my goals.

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