My getting back into shape experience(With all the Tools Available to you and me)

By May 2nd, 2010

Hi, Everyone! Since I have been working on the business I continue to work and work and grow the company. (Now in over 160 stores) I have spent time with my family and always have a reason to get to work but not not always a reason to get to the Gym.  So I am re-starting my commitment to myself to get back into to shape. When I first started this business I had my body fat down to 8%.  I was ripped, I could walk out of my house, pick up one of the big green garbage cans that I had but out the night before lift it over my head and start to press it over and over again as I walked back to the side of my house to place it and not get tired.  Ya really!  Now not so much.  I have gained weigh and lost muscle. Its been more then three years since I really worked out regularly enough to make a difference. I have started and stopped several times and started this blog the same amount of times but never really sticking with it.  Truth is I am embarrassed at the shape I am in and the fact that I have started this blog before and not completed.  Its been hard to start doing this all over again in front of the world.  So this is my commitment to start again, get back in shape and report almost everyday of my progress, activities, supplements, further personal development(the mind!), food I eat, challenges, failures, wins, and my commitment to make a better world for all of us by doing all of this.  And I will give you links to some of the foods I will eat and supplements or educational work I do so you can check it out and add or take out of your diet.   I will also post pictures of my progress as I go along, this I am most embarrassed by.  What do you think? Now that I have that all out there I am actually a bit excited! The other night I was sharing with my group(3 of us) in a Landmark Education class, , in a seminar called Breakthroughs, Living Outside the Box, I was sharing how have had a hard time getting motivated and excited to get to the gym and get back to the super strength I had.  What I did was describe how I used to pick up those garbage cans and lift them over my head and walk in back to the house and reliving it.   It wasn’t until then  that I was actually “excited” to get to the gym the next two mornings, Thursday and Friday.  See when I described what my energy was and how I felt unstoppable all the time, I really was present and in the moment of how I felt then. Not just explain what I did, but actually being there in the moment in my description.  Now I didn’t realize it at the time but when I awoke the next morning and I was excited to go to the gym I thought to myself.  “Why I am so excited this time?”  I realized I connect to they way I felt back then and that gave me a clear connection to that feeling that I wanted again.  One thing I noticed also is when I was describing to my group what I did and how a felt they got excited to.  Now I don’t know yet if they became excited enough to get to the gym also, since we all happened to share the same desire to be in shape and exercise, but I do remember the looks on their faces.   They where excited and expressed it then.  I know that the way I relived it and expressed to them touched them and seemed to carry them in the memory and the moment were if I were just to explain it without the passion of it I would have left them uninspired. Both days I took an Xcellerator in the morning once before my workout and once after since I was so tired after and I forgot to take one!  I have been watching what I eat more and will give more exact details  as I continue on this process with you.  I have had a bowl of fruit and it was a big bowl, strawberries, mangoes, blackberries, grapes, for lunch one day.  Also I have had a chicken Kaboob with rice and potatoes  from Best Chicken.(801) 466-8311, 111 East 2700 South, Salt Lake City.   I have had some things such as homemade ice cream, a mini ecliar, and a steak and egg and cheese bagel from Mcdonalds ., (The Steak and egg has about 500 calories?) When I do have something that I feel may not be the most nutritious, high in calories, or high in bad sugars I do try to keep it minimal wither by size or frequency.  From my experience with my group above it has given me the idea to start a support group of sorts for people that want to lose weight and get in shape so that they can live there life to the fullest.  If you are interested please send me an email: . FYI:  I will post links and calorie sugar content when ever it is available or my time allows.  Thank you all.

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