My Xcellerator and Healthy Living Experiences (part 8)

By January 12th, 2009

Today I woke up very refreshed at 7:00AM. I haven’t felt that way for awhile, I didn’t do much for the weekend, went to the home show and worked on the computer. Usually I work out with Dr. Pope in the morning, at 8:am but he had to reschedule and we settled for 7:PM this evening. Today I eat:

An Xcellerator, 3 Brown Cage Free eggs/ grain feed, Premium Select eggs and natural Colby cheese mixed in, and a tortilla.

Lunch I have a single with cheese, no pickle, no onion and no sauce from Wendy’s. We order a large fry and I have about 1/3, and water. I snack on some Pecan sugar nuts. Dinner I have a Premium Oscar Meyer Hotdog (Not the best thing but I am in a hurry for the gym.) on a white sub bun and two slices of Swiss cheese. 1 apple. (Remember an Apple a day!) 7:15pm I take an Xcellerator because I a bit tired. I have a Protein Shake, APEX from 24hrFitness Creamy Vanilla. At the gym I work on my legs today. I do my stretches.
  • 2 sets of 15 calf crunches at 195lbs.(machines)
  • 2 sets of 15 leg presses at 195lbs.(machines)
  • 2 sets of leg curls, 120 and 110 about 11 times (Ow! They burn!)
  • 1 set of leg curls (lay down) 80 lbs.
  • 2 sets of ankle curls(my own exercise, setting on the lay down machine and curling your ankles) 30 lbs.
35 minute on the elliptical trainer, level 1. I get heart rate around, 120-125 and at the end about 145. I do my stretches and do my stomach crunches. This is how I got my six pack when I was at 8% body fat.
  • 4 crunches and then hold for 4 seconds, 4 times
  • 4 more crunches twisted with hand behind head to the right, hold for 4 seconds, 4 times
  • 4 more crunches other side, left, same as above
  • and then 4 leg lifts, hold 4 seconds, 4 times. (I make it to one set of 4)
To get the six pack I did this at least 3 to 4 times a workout and other stomach exercises. I will have to work back up to that again! I head home and make another protein shake with Organic Apple Juice. I also take the following supplements: six capsules of Ultimate Greenzone, 1 Nutri-Calm, a dash in protein shake – Ultra Creatine, 2 Vitamin D, 3 Tigger Immune, 2 Kelp, and 1/2oz of Liquid calcium. You can find all these either at or . I also have some pecan pie, a few bites. I am burned out on it now I have had two slices in the past week. I think its just not that good.

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