My Xcellerator and Healthy Living Experiences (part 5)

By January 8th, 2009

7:30 am Aiden walks me up to play video games. I play for about a half hour crawl back to bed. 8:15 I have 3 eggs with melted Colby cheese, no bread. I work on the computer and then run some errands. 1:00 pm I have a large Chai Tea from Beans and Brews. (They do something special there it makes them taste sooo good!) 3:00pm A have a sub sandwich bread, white, with roast turkey slices Swiss, lettuce and a little mayo. I have an Xcellerator feeling a bit tired and I am off to clean the garage so I can move a few things in. 6:30pm A bowl of Trix(I know they are for kids!) I go look for a printer with a friend. 8:30 pm I have a breast of Organic garlic breast of chicken, fresh cut fries, water. I am very tired from the day. I veggie for a few hours. 12:00 am A banana. 1:00 am Three Sour patch Kids (The almost empty box left on my desk!) Yummy

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