My Xcellerator and Healthy Living Experiences (part 4)

By January 5th, 2009

7:30 AM I take an Xcellerator and one glass of Organic Apple Juice with a shot of protein, I also toke, 6 capsules of Ultimate Green Zone, 1 Nutri-Calm, 2 Saw Palmetto by Natures Way, 1 Vitamin D, 2 Bee Pollen for (food and immune system support), 2 Kelp (for Adrenal Support), 3 Caps Trigger Immune, these are all Natures Sunshine products you can buy from,, or from our site in the near future. Also I took Ajebine which is Furtumia Elastic Bark (for allergies and asthma). 8:00 Meet my Associate and friend Dr. Robert Pope for our workout. We will be meeting Monday, Wednesday and Friday for our work. Its important if you can have a work out buddy to help motivate you and keep you on track., BUT I have seen over years people would rely on there buddy being there or at the gym and then if they do not show, they do not workout. I must work out more then just the three days a week to reach my goals and I will. I stretch and then, I run on the elliptical for a half hour using a random option and level 1 for 30 minutes. I then do the bench press 270 lbs!, one static set, one rep. Then the military press 3 times 230lbs and then the decline press for 360 lbs twice. I have not been working out much the past few months but I have been once or twice a week and my I have gained strength in my chest! Even though I did not do a lot at least I was going for a bit and it has helped. I then stretch again and then hit the hot tub and sauna. Love that after a workout! 1:oopm Should have eaten sooner but got carried away with work. 3 Cage Free, Vegie Fed, Brown Eggs, some Colby Cheese and two toasts Buttermilk Toasts with Organic Butter. 5:00 I snack on Pretzels and left over Chocolate from the holidays. 8:30 I have some steak and fresh fries, some veggies (carrots, broccoli and Cauliflower). I have a slice of pecan pie and banana. Usually I will switch over from sweets to fruit but it will take me a sec to do that. The pecan pie and banana are equally good. Ummm… 11:30 I have played with my boy and worked a bit now and its, sleepy, sleep time.

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