My Xcellerator and Healthy Living Experiences (part 3)

By January 2nd, 2009

We went to see the Curious Case of Benjamin Button it was a late show and we got out late last night. So we slept in today as to we are on break till Monday. This morning I plan on eating a bowl of Mulit-Grain Cherrios with a cut up Banana, with my Slik Soy Milk and have my Xcellerator. Also a glass of distilled water. I also have, a Chicken deluxe Sandwich from Chick-Fila, fires and a Coke. Dinner I have, 4 little beef steaks, and yellow rice. For desert I have a brownie and another Coke. I hardly ever have Coke but that is two in one day! It keeps me awake and cant sleep, I stay up working and playing chess.

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