How I developed Our Forumlas!

By August 5th, 2009

By owning and working in a gym off and on for years, I had noticed that people where looking more and more for energy supplements, including me. The desire was to have extra energy but not be WIRED, or have hard crash, or feel bad about polluting your body. I had started by finding and developing and energy supplement, Xcellerator. First I started selling it online and then I started placing the products into local Natural Supplement stores. The demand continued to increase and I was able to solely work on the business. During my communication and interactions with people, I started to see a need for more. Men where looking for a healthy alternative to increase there libido. They wanted certain natural and healthy products that they could easily associate themselves with and give them the results they where looking for. They also did not want to have an encyclopedia with them to tell them what all the different items did for them. So I began researching and developing Wow. By recommending natural supplements to my customers and myself I was right on top of the information and resources I needed. I read many natural supplement books, consulted with doctors and master herbalists, tried a variety of prototypes, tested varieties with my customers and finally developed our WOW product. During this time one of the stores that I worked with needed help and I bought it! I was able to work more and more with customers on a one and one basis and continue to learn more about their needs and results. Through out this process I put together our Board of doctors and consult with then regularly. I would then take the feedback I received from my customers and redevelop or simply add other ingredients to our products. Then I was able to start placing the products out on the market through my current contacts in Utah and through this web site. The products continue to spread to other regions by word of mouth and the networking that we do to create continued awareness of our products out to the public. I am very excited by the huge positive response that we receive from our customers!

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