My Xcellerator and Healthy Living Experiences (part 20)

By March 3rd, 2009

I have not exercised this week. Shame on me. I also only went twice last week since my gym partner was out of town. Regardless I should have gone. I plan on going later today. My strength and energy are definitely up. I also have much better muscle tone. I still seem more tired at night. I used be able to work out mostly at night but lately I have been lazy or I focus on work instead and my step-son. Night time was always my catch if I had not been able to make it any other time I would go at night to catch it before the “day” was over. Sometimes I would workout as late as 1100pm. I may have to bring that back if I plan on getting back to 8% body fat. I miss being compared to David! Breakfast – Muslix and soy milk, Organic Apple Juice and Green Superfood,, You can get Ultimate Greenzone here. It rocks! Lunch- Country White bread, peppered Turkey slices and Colby Jack cheese, mayonnaise and water.

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