My Fitness Journey

By August 16th, 2009

What would be next for me in my journey to have fun while staying fit? What would catch my attention? It wasn’t too far from tap dancing, but it was a very different experience. Funky dance. Sounds fun! You are right it was a ton of fun! I found this class at my local fitness center at the JCC and it sounded so fun that I even convinced a friend to come with me. Although we might not have been the most coordinated pair of feet in the room, we laughed A LOT as we tried to keep up with a fast paced routine with a mix of dance moves from the 80’s, 90’s, and I suspect a few might have been from different Disney shows :). I loved getting my groove on while working up a sweat and I went every week until the class time was moved to a time that I couldn’t make. It was replaced with Zumba, a Latin dance based, high energy aerobic class. WOW! If I thought Funky Dance was challenging, it was only because I hadn’t done Zumba! Try getting fit with Meringue and Salsa moves on high speed. PHEW! It was also A LOT of fun. I highly recommend this type of exercise for anyone who feels bored in a gym full of machines. It was a great way to mix up the bowl of fitness soup. What will be next in my journey? Stay tuned to find out! I hope you are not afraid of heights!

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