My Xcellerator and Healthy Living Experiences

By July 8th, 2008

I decided to start a MY Getting in Shape and Staying there for Life! Program. Over the past two years I have been working long hours to build the business and I have gone from an 8% body fat too… well I don’t know yet I would guess about 25%. Yikes!!! I can’t believe a let it happen all I had to do was exercise 4 to 5 hours a week! The past few months I have been averaging 1 hour a week! Over the past few weeks I realized that others where in my shape or worse. So I will be using the Power of Xcellerator to get through the low energy or lack of motivation moments I may have over the next few days. These are the things this 30-day program will show.
  1. How the Power of Xcellerator Moves me into Action!
  2. What I will eat and supplements I will take to fuel and feed my body.
  3. What exercises that I will do to get me there!
  4. Pictures of me in the process. This way we can all see the progress!
  5. Motivate others to take action and get in shape.
  6. Keep me on track!

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