Health Journey Report – Thoughts from the day, food and workout.4/9/14

By April 10th, 2014

      Today I woke up pretty early to do my post about 6:30 AM. I am doing these posts to share with you what I am doing on my life Health Journey.   So that you might be able to take something out of this and it may help you in your life.  Some days I will have insights and some days I might have to much to say.  All in all I hope and look forward that these writings may help you in your life and your way. 
    Here is what I had today for Food Today and the Calories!
1st Breakfast2nd BreakfastFirstPartofDinnerDinner
Calories Eaten!!! Yum YumShake 4.9.14
I give myself up to 3000 Calories good or bad because of all the actives I usually we shall see but you can see I didn’t even come close. Also the work out I do at the gym and the run I burn a lot of calories.  Now right now I am not putting in every action like open car door, typing, talking on phone, etc. put we will start to get the idea of what we are after to tone up and stay in a healthy shape.  One thing to keep in mind I am share with you what I am doing to stay healthy, not ripped, not lose weight, but if you are STaying HEalthy you will obviously achieve those goals.  Especially you will reach those goals if you keep escalating your workouts and in a better healthier fashion!   I usually go for a run up the canyon or the gym and do a workout. I will share those here and I also usually do a video and share any insights I might have about running or getting and keeping the commitment. 
Excerise for the Day!
You can watch the video here: .  
The program I use to keep track of food and exercise is called S health from Samsung.  I think that my run burns more calories then what is listed because its on a trail etc.  I will work on being able to share with you the other calories burned during other actives.  Apparently for my activity level I should consume about 2880 calories according to a sight I found.  So I was close! 

I am also taking a few supplements tonight, WOW, Men’s Health, MSM, Ultra Air Aloe, probotics, and a new muscle building formula I am testing. 

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