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Health Journey Report – Thoughts from the day, food and workout.4/9/14

Posted by Adam Tageldin April 10th, 2014

      Today I woke up pretty early to do my post about 6:30 AM. I am doing these posts to share with you what I am doing on my life Health Journey.   So that you might be able to take something out of this and it may help you in your life. […]

How I developed Our Forumlas!

Posted by Adam Tageldin August 5th, 2009

By owning and working in a gym off and on for years, I had noticed that people where looking more and more for energy supplements, including me. The desire was to have extra energy but not be WIRED, or have hard crash, or feel bad about polluting your body. I had started by finding and […]

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Attraction and Love Formulas

Posted by Ultraperform July 14th, 2009

by: Dr. Dennis W. Neder I’ve been promoting a new concept on my show that has been very successful in explaining how attraction and love work. I call these them (collectively) “The Formula”. Is there really a “formula” for attraction and love? Yes, there is. I discovered them when I was working on what sorts […]

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Ways To Tell A Guy Likes You: 5 Reliable Signs Of Male Attraction

Posted by Ultraperform May 7th, 2009

by: Michael Lee Listen up, girls! You don’t have to waste precious time biting your fingernails or converging with your friends to figure out whether a guy is interested in you or not. There are ways to tell a guy likes you; and lucky for you, I’m sharing these tell-tale signs right now from a […]

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