Can Fitness Be Fun? My Adventures in Fitness

By August 8th, 2009

Tap Dancing Myths Okay, so I’m not really sure what you believe about tap dancing. I’ve mostly only seen it performed by groups at the local fair wearing big boofy skirts and plaid shirts. Not exactly incredibly enticing to me. Somewhere in this paragraph is a myth just waiting to burst, but I’m not actually going to agrue the difference between tap and clogging. I’m here to talk about personal myth. You know the kind that have kept me from trying things that look … fun. There isn’t a child in this world whom, left without impressions from us, wouldn’t love to hear the sound of the tip tap of metal additions to the bottoms of their shoes. So why should I give up the unreserved joy of childhood? That’s right. I joined a tap class, sponsored by the local community education in our area. Once a week I got to experience the tip tap AND get a little exercise in the meantime. A little. Okay, so the beginner class doesn’t get the heart rate going into the “burn” zone, but in my mind my body is still be trained to move in ways that it never had before, so it can be called exercise in my book. The point is that being fit and healthy can be fun! I want it to be an adventure and I have spent the last couple of years making it just that. Tap was just the beginning, and I will tell you all about my journey and the numerous experiences along the way. Energy Tip: Have you ever noticed that little kids have a lot of energy? Have you also noticed that they naturally exercise their body by running everywhere they go? Try running to where to are going and see if it doesn’t instantly boost your energy. Run from the car to the grocery store, from the post office to the car. Not only will you begin to feel like a kid again….you’ll have more energy too!

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