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Michael Jordan – Becoming Legendary

Posted by Ultraperform June 29th, 2010

Child Nutrition Staying on Congressional Agenda

Posted by Ultraperform June 25th, 2010

From Nutritional Outlook: The Improving Nutrition for America’s Children Act of 2010 is the most recent initiative in Washington that could affect nationwide food standards for children. Announced by Representative George Miller (D-CA) on June 10, the bill calls for enhancing and expanding access to school food programs and “…for the first time, establish[ing] nutrition […]

FTC Powers Bill Moves to Next Step: A New Call to Action from the Natural Products Association

Posted by Ultraperform May 26th, 2010

Yesterday, Financial Services Reform (S.3217) passed the Senate. While expansion of Federal Trade Commission (FTC) powers was kept out of the Senate bill, now the House and Senate must work out the differences between the chambers’ versions. The expansions being discussed could have a dire impact on the way you do business.

How to negotiate your medical bills

Posted by Ultraperform May 25th, 2010

From Wallet Pop Bert Martinez found out five years ago that his chronically ill daughter’s medical bills would top $50,000 a year — an amount the father of five children could not afford.* So Martinez quickly learned the art of negotiation. Soon he was haggling and bartering with doctors, hospitals and other medical providers, often […]

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Breathing Easy

Posted by Ultraperform September 1st, 2009

An excerpt from Chapter One of Kiss Your Monsters Goodbye by Cindy Ashton Going within and really facing ourselves—our thoughts, patterns, and behaviors—takes great courage. But if we are willing to, we can transform our lives long‐term and create miracles. Good breathing techniques are the key to deepening our consciousness and getting to know our […]

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How To Start A Good Weight Loss Program

Posted by Ultraperform August 3rd, 2009

Start your diet by taking notes of everything you eat or drink all day. Include the size of the portions in weight or volume (typically ounces). Also write down what your emotions were at the time you were eating.

This will tell you a heck of a lot about yourself such as; what tempts you and your emotional states that encourage you to snack. Just knowing the WHY can help you establish a plan of attack.

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Attraction and Love Formulas

Posted by Ultraperform July 14th, 2009

by: Dr. Dennis W. Neder I’ve been promoting a new concept on my show that has been very successful in explaining how attraction and love work. I call these them (collectively) “The Formula”. Is there really a “formula” for attraction and love? Yes, there is. I discovered them when I was working on what sorts […]

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Good Nutrition Can Lead to Desired Weight Loss

Posted by Ultraperform June 9th, 2009

Personal body image invariably involves how we view our physical selves, and how we perceive others see us. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements, depicting perfectly-proportioned men and women, who seem to be enjoying themselves tremendously. The message: if only you could control your eating habits you could live the good life too. Good nutrition, […]

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Ways To Tell A Guy Likes You: 5 Reliable Signs Of Male Attraction

Posted by Ultraperform May 7th, 2009

by: Michael Lee Listen up, girls! You don’t have to waste precious time biting your fingernails or converging with your friends to figure out whether a guy is interested in you or not. There are ways to tell a guy likes you; and lucky for you, I’m sharing these tell-tale signs right now from a […]

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7 Secrets to More Energy and Total Health

Posted by Ultraperform May 1st, 2009

by Kathleen O’Bannon, CNC The simplest things can lead to more energy and better health. These are nothing new and you have probably heard them before, but here they are in a concise and detailed form.

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