7 Secrets to More Energy and Total Health

By May 1st, 2009

by Kathleen O’Bannon, CNC The simplest things can lead to more energy and better health. These are nothing new and you have probably heard them before, but here they are in a concise and detailed form. Kathleen Obannon
  1. Eat breakfast within the first half hour of getting up. The timing is very important. When you get out of bed your blood sugar is down, you have been fasting all night, that’s why it is called “break fast”. Blood sugar comes from food and gives you energy. If you don’t eat you won’t have the fuel to run your body. But, if you let yourself go without eating and just have coffee or perhaps a cigarette, you will throw off your blood sugar for the rest of the day and that can cause fatigue, low energy, lack of get-up-and-go, anger, and even depression.
  2. Eat Small Frequent Meals. Little snacks, small meals, this gives your body the energy to keep going since food gives you energy. This will keep your blood sugar stabilized and prevent energy drops.
  3. Eat lots of vegetables, especially raw ones. Even the U.S. Government has said to eat at least five half-cup servings of vegetables a day, with one being raw. Snack on things like slices of cucumber, red or green peppers, zucchini, broccoli, carrots, lettuce, pea pods, celery, any vegetables will do. Raw veggies contain enzymes, the powerhouses of energy. All veggies contain plant sterols that can help improve immune function and lower cholesterol.
  4. CHEW! Each mouthful should be chewed until it is liquid in your mouth. The digestion of sugars and starches starts in your mouth, the more you chew the easier it is to digest them. Corn, peas, potatoes, bread, rice; all starches need to be chewed. Chewing starts the actual digestion going so it is important. Chewing tells your digestion to produce the necessary amount of enzymes to digest the foods you are eating. If you do not chew that thoroughly at least take digestive enzymes.
  5. Exercise every day. It doesn’t have to be much; even walking is a good exercise. Try to walk as much as possible including taking the stairs when you can. Park at the far side of the parking lot and walk to the store, or better yet, walk to the store and leave the car at home. Hiking, biking, jumping rope, dancing, are all good ways to get exercise.
  6. Sleep 6 to 8 hours straight through every night. Your body restores itself when you sleep. Research is now showing that too little sleep can contribute to weight gain and fatigue.
  7. Sex is a vital part of staying young and having energy. All the talk shows on the major TV and radio networks have doctors on advocating having sex to stay young and have more energy. It relieves stress, reduces fatigue, and helps you sleep better at night. Many of these doctors are even advocating having sex by yourself for better sleep and restoring youth. Of course they are talking about orgasm during sex, that’s the most important part. If you need some herbal enhancement to obtain orgasm, then take something to help.
Once you can put these simple seven steps into action in your life you will have more energy and vitality, and even restore youthfulness. Kathleen O’Bannon is a certified nutritional consultant with 30+ years experience. She is the author of eight books on health and nutrition, including The Anger Cure: A Step-by-Step Program to Reduce Anger, Rage, Negativity, Violence, and Depression in Your Life. Want to get help achieving your goals.  Try Xcellerator Today…

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