Juice Your Passion(Don’t Be A Zombie!)

By December 18th, 2013

Hi!  Welcome to the beginning of my NEW BLOG!  Here I am going to discuss different ways to Juice Your Passion!  What does Juice Your Passion mean ? To live the life that you see at your fullest potential! What you dream about! 
     Now keep in mind everything I post is from my own experiences that maybe something that works for you.  Something I realized about life and how some people live a life not full of passion. This may not be YOU, but if you want to have MORE Passion in your life…. Keep Reading!  I was talking to a friend of mine and she was talking about how she didn’t want to do anything, she didn’t want to be a hair stylist, or real estate agent (that she was studying for), or anything.   There was just nothing that she felt Passionate about. I listened to what she said and applied it to my own life.   I realized in my life I lose my Passion. I have to admit it, but from time to time I get tired of the struggle of life, of staying in shape, of exercise, of being responsible in relationships, of eating right, taking the right supplements everyday.  
     So What I have come to realize that you must be Passionate about Everything in your Life.  To truly live with Full  Passion, be passionate about EVERYTHING you do in your life.  What I mean by this is….I get overwhelmed by all the different things I have set out to do, all things that I ‘SEE’ that can be done to reach people with my message and our products.  Things like this blog, videos, labels, product manufacturing, bottles for the product, cold calls, follow ups, networking, organizing, thank you letters, Xmas cards… Yes, the list goes on and on!  By talking to my friend I really understood that I HAVE TO, I MEAN HAVE TO, be passionate about all of it, IF AND ONLY IF I except to get ALL OF IT!
Now you can live at a degree of Passion in your life by working a job you Chose to Hate, and then lets say you can be passionate about your favorite TV show.   Are you really going to be just be Passionate about one of your favorite TV shows  ONE HOUR A DAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?   Now I am using a TV show just as an example.  You cant look at part of your life and say your going to be passionate about that, but when it comes to your work, and the other things you dont like,  your not going to be.  The others things tend to be Most of  Most Peoples Lives!  How can you expect Passion in the small areas parts of your life if you are not Passionate about All Of Your Life!?  Look for the Passion within you not in what you do. 
     What I hope and plan to do here is share with you what I do to add Passion to my life and live a full and Passionate life.  I will sharing things I do to post videos of new viewpoints, clear my mind of the garbage, eating healthy, taking supplements for health, exercise, and quality time with good people and family. 
 So todshake pre 12.18.13ay part of my meals was a green shake I make them many mornings. All organic Green apple, romaine lettuce, Persian cumbers, spinach, tomato, green beans, Juice Your Passion juice, not organic brussel sprouts, alkaline water from Water Wellness, and NuLife Herbs Matrix Meal powder. Have u start making shakes yet? ITS A GREAT WAY TO JUICE YOUR PASSION! And have more energy, and stay healthy, build your immune system, have great stamina, and ….. Let me know! I also have been exercising regular.  Now I believe that you should do something everyday for exercise. Below is the work out I had yesterday 12.17.13.
30 back arch 130 lbs, 17 leg cramps 80 lbs, 15 leg extension 115 lbs., 15 leg curls 133 lbs, 15 leg press 211 lbs, 15 standing calf raise 211 lbs, 30 abs crunch machine, roc.it, 100 lbs 30 abdominal machine, nautilus,
80lbs 10 ab crunch 110 lbs. This gives me tons of energy and strength to get the things done that I want to achieve. It also helps my body work better so that I can function at a higher level of performance in all aspects of my life, for myself and all around me.  Now this was a short work out for me because  I also wanted and did spend 15 minutes in the Sauna and about 10 minutes in the hot tub. The Sauna is great for sweating out toxins out of your body I will share more about this in detail over time in several of my blogs.  The hot tub was just to relax further and distress from a tense day.  I also got a massage today which was a great way to work my muscles out from working out and the tensity that muscles will get from stress.   Thank you for reading this and if you have any questions please feel free to reach us at 801-872-1969, adam @ultraperform.com, http://www.utlraperform.com . Thanks again!

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